Energy Saving Solutions

Enerwise has been providing leading edge energy saving solutions since 2008. Our experience in sourcing, developing and providing cut through technologies and solution is second to none - Our reputation speaks for itself; Ask us for references or click here to see what our customers say.
At Enerwise, we have a simple philosophy: Products and services that we provide must:
  • Provide a great return on investment
  • Must be proven to work
  • Have significant guarantees
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COOL GLAZE - “tintless” window tint. Major advancement in protection from UV rays and Infrared heat
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Cool Roof - Proven roof restoration technology; reduces building temperatures and saves energy
Energy monitoring
CORE SIGHT - Prove energy savings, monitor energy usage, stop wasting energy - Easy to install, simple to use.
Ultra energy saver
Ultra Energy by Keseco. Enerwise is Australasian exclusive distributor for the Ultra Energy Saver. Unique patented technology that provides a fast Return On Investment, 10 Year Warranty and proven energy savings. Find out more here.
The potential for energy savings and cost reductions in business (and domestic) situations is amazing. The issue many face though in considering the options is the complexity of what is available and which options make commercial sense.

We are often asked the same questions over and over: “Does it Work?” AND “If it does, does it make financial sense?”
We have no hesitation recomending Enerwise, thier knowledge in this market is unsurpassed
Corporate client

We understand that the motivations to cut energy usage are not solely financial, however the bottom line is simple; You need to be able to quantify savings made by any particular strategy/solution.

At Enerwise we think different; We see our role from your side, we put ourselves in your shoes. its not about making a sale, it’s about building a long term relationship based on success of projects we undertake with you. But be warned, we do not follow the status quo; We work hard to pull back the veils of mystery and ‘techno talk’ surrounding many of the new fan dangled solutions out there. We are different!

prove our products so you don’t have to be a guinea pig AND we make the process transparent - See our CORE SIGHT system here.

Our competitors are not our biggest fans. There is good reason: We don’t rely on fancy claims, glossy marketing nor “Techno Babble”. Enerwise introduced the technology to show you the savings we can achieve!
Enerwise developed Core Sight energy monitoring system to PROVE which energy saving strategies work and which do not - as importantly, Core Sight shows the return on investment on strategies that work. take a look at Core Sight and our discussion page about energy monitoring.