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  • How much energy does ULTRA save for each type of load?
    The specific saving rate depends on the actual operating environment and the operating mechanism of the load. Below is the average saving rate based on the statistics of various field reports:
    On Resistive Load
    Possible Energy Saving Rate is less than 3%.
    Up to 5% increase of illumination intensity.
    On Inductive Load
    Minimum Saving Rate is 11%.
    On Complex Load : Mixture of R+L
    Minimum 8% (where Inductive load takes more than 60% out of whole load system)
  • What is the lifespan of ULTRA unit?
    Since ULTRA uses a patented technology that does not rely on any form of electronics or mechanical parts, the average lifespan is more than 10 years if ULTRA is being used in recommended conditions.
  • ULTRA - How does it work?
    ULTRA is a revolutionary new energy management equipment that uses Magnetic Wave Energy to realign electron spin. This results in a more efficient current flow that minimises energy loss.
  • How effective is Cool Glaze compared to traditional window tint films?
    Cool Glaze blocks up to 90% of UV (UVA, UVB) rays and up to 85% of infrared rays. Reducing UV assists in protecting furnishing from fading and food stuffs from spoiling; Keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter. reduces energy costs by lowering internal temperatures.
  • Does Cool Glaze interfere with Wi Fi or GSM signals
    Not at all; Cool Glaze has no effect on such signals.
  • How is Gool Glaze applied?
    Cool Glaze is a nano particle liquid that is applied as a liquid to the interior of glass. Application is faster and more effective than traditional window tint films.
  • Does Cool Glaze darken windows?
    One of the benefits of Cool Glaze is that it has high transparency and almost invisible to eye. It provides anti glare properties with high visible light transmission.