Ultra Energy Saver

ULTRA is the premier Electric Current Optimization system that compensates for energy that is normally lost in Alternating Current (AC) systems without dropping voltage. The main reactions within ULTRA occur between ceramic coatings, the ULTRA composite and the presence of the Alternating Magnetic Field (AMF) that accompanies all AC systems.

Far Infrared Ray that is emitted from the ceramic coatings activates the electrons in the ULTRA composite through Resonance Absorption. A Magnetic Interaction occurs between the activated electrons of the ULTRA composite and the AMF. This magnetic interaction generates magnetic wave energy and supplies it to the AC circuit.
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Global electricity consumption and costs are continuing to increase year after year.

Organisations are increasingly faced with an urgent need to reduce energy consumption and costs while ensuring key business processes remain unaffected - ULTRA provides a simple solution that delivers financial savings and reduces your environmental impact. Decreasing energy consumption is now not only a moral responsibility in terms of protecting the environment, but with energy prices rising rapidly it is an economic necessity.

ULTRA's power saving performance will significantly reduce your electricity costs by improving your current electrical system.

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