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Cool Glaze nano thermal window treatment - tintless’ window insulation

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Cool Glaze is a nano liquid window tint which is applied to the inside of glass, new or existing, for residential, commercial or in fact almost any building, vehicle or application where glass absorbs heat.

Cool Glaze ‘tintless’ window insulation effectively reduces penetration of harmful UV and infrared rays.

Cool Glaze keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter.

Reduces energy costs as well as protecting interior spaces from the effects of UV radiation.

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Major benefits:
Up to 10 degrees cooler

internal temperatures reduced in summer - heat retained in winter

reduces fading due to UV rays - furniture and furnishings protected

reduces spoiling of foodstuffs/confectionary etc. due to UV radiation

clear view - does not darken windows
healthier environment - safer for employees and staff
Reduce Air conditioning costs

By repelling heat produced by infrared rays, cool space means that air conditioners and cooling equipment is more efficient and requires less energy.

According to Ergon Energy* a reduction of only 1 degree celsius can mean a 10% drop in cooling costs. Cool Space can reduce internal temperatures by over 10 degrees C. imagine the savings!

It’s not just about energy savings…

Its also about comfort, safety and good architectural appearance. Cool Space does not discolour windows, therefore views in and out are unobstructed. 75% visible light transmission means views are uninterrupted

High visible light transmission means you capture more natural light thereby reducing load on artificial lighting.