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Extensive testing has shown that in summer, and on the hottest days, with little wind, Solacoat Cream, can reduce the temperature of  uncoated metal roofing by up to 30°C+, creating a pleasant environment within the building. Note: This is based on a newly coated roof.
All Solacoat pastel Colours, provide Very High Solar Reflectivity, please refer to our colour selection page.
By applying Solacoat Cream, and or Solacoat Pastel Colours on your roof, in an air conditioned building, you will also be helping to 
reduce the amount of carbon dioxide Greenhouse Gas emissions going into the earths atmosphere.
Solacoat Cream, and Solacoat Pastel Colours, have good architectural appearance as well as durability, waterproofing and covering properties. It provides an excellent protective coating in lieu of standard paint finishing coatings.
The Solacoat Colour Range, can be applied to most roofing. New roofing materials will require the proper preparation. Solacoat can be applied by either brush, roller or airless spray. We recommend that the surface area to be coated, be cleaned via High Pressure Washdown, and then applied with either our CP Porous Primer, and or our WB Metal Primer
The Result: Houses that have used Solacoat Colours, have an aesthetically pleasing look as well as assisting in an energy efficient, environmentally conscious solution.

Solacoat Cream, has had realistic success in reducing temperatures in
Commercial Buildings.
I have an Iron roofed building in the lower Flinders Ranges, South Australia.  In October 2012, I applied SOLACOAT to the corrugated iron roof.  Prior to the application, on very hot days, the temperature in the hut was very similar to the outside temperature. Candles would melt and it was not comfortable to be inside.  Since applying the SOLACOAT I have recorded temperatures approximately 10oC cooler inside the Hut. If 38℃ outside, it is about 28℃ inside, making it noticeably cooler to step inside.
Phil Fisher - Flinders Range
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