Easily Monitor Energy

Core Sight is an innovative online energy monitoring system that allows you to view and monitor energy usage across numerous circuits.

Access detailed and real time information anywhere you can access the internet.

If you don’t monitor it you can’t manage it! Core Sight gives you easy to read information at your finger tips. Understand your energy usage to better manage it.
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Core Sight saved us thousands by alerting us to irregularities in our power usage.
Service Station Owner
Core Sight operates independently of your energy company and therefore provides you with verification of your actual power usage.

As a web based system you can view and monitor your energy consumption anywhere you can access a web browser.
Core Sight is easy to deploy, inexpensive and highly flexible. It was designed by business people for business people - it does not require technical knowledge to interpret your power usage. Easily spot areas of waste and save money.

Easily verify if energy saving strategies have worked.
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Can you afford not to know?

Information is power and without being properly informed about your power usage you cannot manage it.

Core Sight puts you in control of your energy usage and energy saving strategies.