Easily Monitor Energy

The hardware
The backbone of the Core Sight solution is the hardware used to capture and transmit your energy data. Whilst extremely compact and affordable, this is advanced technology that delivers accurate and detailed information.

The Front End
Our developers have ensured that a highly technical process has been delivered in a way that anyone can understand and use to reduce energy consumption Simply log in and view all the relevant data in human terms.

Core Sight requires an internet connection to work and is designed to work with your existing broadband internet connection:
The main “Brains” behind the system connects either wirelessly or via a LAN cable to your existing broadband modem - The connection method will depend on the distance from your main meter board to your broadband modem/router.

The system comprises of:

  • Sub meters - These are compact, billing grade meters. Typical measurements are 100mm (H) X 65mm (W) X 66.5mm (D). From 1 up to 256 meters can be used meaning that you can monitor up to 256 separate circuits.

  • CT Clamps - CT’s connect to the meters and then clamp around the relevant wires a circuit. The clamps are available up to 5,000 AMPS. Being split core (meaning they open and clamp around the wires) means that existing wiring does not need to be disconnected, ensuring a simple and fast installation.

  • The “Brains”. Meters attach to the core unit or “Brains”, again a very compact and space un-intrusive device measuring only 53mm (H) X 157mm (W) X 95mm (D).

  • Wireless transmitter OR LAN cable. The wireless transmitter sends signals to your existing broadband connection which in turn sends the data to the Core Sight Web Portal.

  • Core Sight Web Portal. Your energy data is available from anywhere you can connect to the internet. Conveniently log in and your energy data is available in a variety of formats giving your real insight to your energy usage.

A registered/approved electrician is required to install the hardware, Core Sight can arrange this for you if you do not have an electrical contractor. Full details available on request.

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Technology in and of itself can be very interesting, however, most of our customers are not particularly interested in the deepest details of the technology; they simply want to know if it works and will it work for me? It all comes down to what it does not how it does it.
  • What does it cost?
  • How much can it save me?
  • Does it require a lot of training?
The answers are simple. See below:
    1. The savings will vary from site to site however, being able to instantly spot areas of wastage, areas for improvement and additionally accurately asses the effectiveness of any energy saving strategies can account for significant savings.
    2. Coreview has been built by real business people who understand the need to be able to see information in a away that makes commons sense - We know this because we developed it for our businesses. Typical initial training is 15 to 30 minutes and generally most will be able to use Coreview and understand the information with minimal training.
    Core Sight uses state of the art technology to accurately capture energy data as and when you use it, reporting this via a simple to use web interface designed by business owners FOR business owners… Its' technical but we have made it easy! - The compact and highly efficient hardware is installed - Installation is generally a straight forward process and is performed by your electrician - A typical site should take less than two hours*.

    Core Sight is designed so that all you need to do is log in and see meaningful information that tells you what you need to know quickly and efficiently
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